Wednesday Night Race #1

April 19, 2012 @ 3:30 am – 6:30 am GMT0
Bur Oak Trail
Birds Hill Provincial Park
Oakbank, MB R0E 1J3
See information below
Hal Loewen














Host Club: Olympia Cycling Club

Race Organizer: Hal Loewen – 204.299.5872

Date: April 18

Location: Bur Oak Trails are located in Birds Hill Park. Turn right off of Highway 59 at the Park entrance. Proceed to the Park gate. After you go through the gate (there are no park fees for 2010) stay on South Drive (veer left), the Bur Oak parking lot will be on your right.

Driving Directions: Google Maps point to point directions from Winnipeg


  1. Registration and sign in: 5:30 – 6:30 (U9 – U13 must register and sign in by 6:00)
  2. Event #1: U9, U11, U13 – 6:30 p.m.
  3. Event #2: Elite and Expert, Comp, Sport U17, U15, Citizen – male and female


Time Trial – A one lap races where it is you against the clock; points will be awarded based on the racer’s category.


Race day registration only

Registration opens at 17:30 and ends 1 hour before your event. You must hold a UCI/CCA racing licence or a MCA citizen licence. Registration and waiver forms are available online and at the race site. Please download the form and waiver, fill out and bring the completed form and waiver to the race.


U15 + $10, U13 and under $5 for those holding a UCI/CCA/MCA license. Free to citizens holding a MCA citizen license. You must have either a UCI/CCA/MCA race license or MCA citizen licesne. Cash and cheque only. Make cheques out to the Olympia Cycling Club


  • Elite, male and female
  • Expert, male and female
  • Comp, male and female
  • Sport, male and female
  • U17, male and female
  • U15, male and female
  • Citizen
  • U13, male and female
  • U11, male and female
  • U9, male and female

Race Time by Category:

The Wedensday Night Series times are faster and shorter than standard Cup races. Race times will vary, but will be approximately 40 minutes for Sport to 80 minutes for Expert.

Race Course:

The course will between 7 and 9km in length. The length will be determined by the weather for that day. The surface will be a combination of hard packed trails, loose sand, and gravel. There are large and small rock to go around and over, including roots. The course is a combination of single and double track and is up and down in nature with few flat sections.

Bur Oak Trails at Birds Hill Park

Race Regulations:

  • All racers bikes must operate a bicycle with both front and rear working brakes.
  • All racers must wear a CSA approved helmet while riding on OR off-course (even the parking lot).
  • Riders shall act and race with caution and respect for their fellow racers. They shall be held responsible for any accidents that they cause.
  • Racers must have their license with them at all times during a race event.
  • It is a racer’s responsibility to familiarizing yourself with the race course before the race (marshals will not be obligated to give out directions to confused riders).
  • A racer must act in a sporting manner at all times and shall permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing.
  • If a rider exits the course for any reason, he/she must return to the course at the same point from which they exited.
  • Music players and electronic devises are NOT allowed by any racers during any events.
  • Sleeveless jerseys are NOT allowed.
  • You can only wear a jersey of a club or team you currently belong to, no pro team jerseys that you are not a member of; if you do not belong to a club wear any jersey that is not a pro jersey nor a club jersey where you are not a member of that club.
  • The current, defending Manitoba Cup winners should wear their Manitoba Cup jersey at cup races. Previous years jerseys should not be worn by previous winners. Handlebars must have end caps.
  • Glass containers are not allowed on the course, including the feed zone.

Please consult the UCI and CCA rules to see all applicable rules and regulations


Parking is available at the site.

Courtesy and Safety:

The course is open and the public can access the course at any point. Signs will indicate that bike race is in progress , but be aware that marshals do not have authority to prevent people from entering the course. Keep your head up at all times. Be courteous to others.


Washrooms will be open and are outhouse

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