Dead Horse Cross, 2015 Edition

Dead Horse Cross 2015 Race Organizer: Peter Loewen, email Race Date: Saturday, October 3, 2015 Race Formats: CX Race – Mass start with your category. Time and laps depend on what category. Location: Morden Park. The entry to the park will be closed off of Thornhill St for the race. Use parking lot at north end of Park with access off of Gilmour St. Driving Directions: Google Maps point to point directions from Winnipeg Times:
    • 10:00 – Registration and sign-in. Registration opens at 10:00 and closes 30 minutes prior to your event, please arrive in plenty of time to register for your event
    • 10:00 - Open Course
    • 11:00 – Open Race All non-licensed participants. Duration:30 minutes
    • 12:00 - C Event: CX 4 male and female,  U13 male and female and U15 male and female racers with less racing experience, and MCA citizen. Duration: 30 minutes
    • 13:00 – Kids Event: U11 kids and younger, U13 kids with less racing experience; male and female. Duration: 20 minutes
    • Open Course following the completion of the kids event
    • 14:00 – B Event: CX 3 male, CX 1/2/3 female. Duration: 40 minutes
    • 15:00 – A Event: CX 1/2 male. Duration 60 minutes
Registration: Race day walk up
Click here to register
  • Registration opens at 10:00am and ends 30 minutes prior to your event.
  • You must hold a UCI/CCA racing license or a MCA citizen license to race in the C, B, or A events.
  • Registration & Waiver Forms are available online and at the race site.
  • Please download the form and waiver, fill out and bring the completed form and waiver to the race if you are registering the day of the event:
  • All Citizen, C, B, A events (UCI/CCA/MCA license holders):  $25 pre-registration; $35 for same day  
  • Open Race: $25 pre-registration; $35 for same day
  • Kids Races (modified kids course):  free
Please make cheques out to the Olympia Cycling Club. Categories:
  • CX 1/2, male
  • CX 1/2/3 female
  • CX 3 male
  • CX 4, male and female
  • Citizen, male and female
  • U15, male and female
  • U13, male and female (kids course)
  • U11, male and female (kids course)
  • U9, male and female (kids course)
  • Open (13+), male and female
Race Course: The course will between 2.5 and 3 km in length. The length will be determined by the weather for that day. The surface will be a combination of pavement, grass, hard packed trails, loose sand, and gravel. There are roots on the course. The course is a combination rolling and flat sections. Race Regulations:
  • All racers bikes must operate a bicycle with both front and rear working brakes.
  • All racers must wear a CSA approved helmet while riding on OR off-course (even the parking lot).
  • Riders shall act and race with caution and respect for their fellow racers. They shall be held responsible for any accidents that they cause.
  • Racers must have their license with them at all times during a race event.
  • A racer must act in a sporting manner at all times and shall permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing.
  • UCI/CCA/MCA license
  • A and B events (CX1/2 Men, CX3 Men, and CX1/2/3 Women) must have a cyclocross style bike (tires max 34 mm wide, road style handlebars NOT straight bars, max width of bars 50 cm).
  • Riders in the C (CX4 men, CX4 women, and citizen racers) and Open events will still be allowed to use mountain bikes that conform to UCI MTB standards (i.e. no bar ends, no studded tires, at least two functioning brakes, no aero bars, etc.)
  • The organizer and/or officials retains the full right to refuse any racer from racing.
Please consult the UCI and CCA rules to see all applicable rules and regulations Parking: Parking is available at the site as well as on the street (adhere to the town’s parking by-laws). Courtesy and Safety: The course is open and the public can access the course at any point. Signs will indicate that bike race is in progress, but be aware that marshals do not have authority to prevent people from entering the course. Keep your head up at all times. Be courteous to others. Washrooms: Washrooms will be open at the course.

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